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NYCTA (T) Line Tottenville (SIR) to 125 St. Broadway via 2nd Ave using Sketchup

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Please Can You Teach Me How To Do This,This Failed Everytime, Can You Give Me Your Conversion Program So I Can Convert, I'm A Newbie But I Was To Be A Developer, Please Give It To me

Ok, I have not posted in a while. I was away on vacation a lot over the summer and now I am working on my O-Gauge subway layout in addition to this.  I have the tracks down from Tottenville to Richmond Valley Road.  No new signals have been added yet and I am working on scenery which is about 400 meters away from the Arthur Kill Road station.  Here is a shot of beautiful Tottenville USA.  I have one fictional apartment house and may add another mid-rise.  After all, Staten Island will have some Queens influence as it now has a subway.

Regarding the conversion program from SketchUp.  I will share this in detail.  The conversion has only failed ONCE because of strange hidden geometry that I was able to remove.  That is one time for thousands of conversions.  The enhanced conversion combines triangles to reduce the number of faces.  Concave polygons behave erratically.  This is a limitation of OpenGL.  The conversion program first creates an XML file via a plugin and then runs an executable written in C# to convert the XML file to CSV format.  It is sophisticated enough to minimize the number of polygons and use a material naming convention to light up faces which is useful for signals.

Tottenville USA!!!

OK. Here you go.  A zip file containing all the files of my work done so far.  Included are all the SketchUp files also.  See my tutorial on how to convert SketchUp files to CSV format.

Another street scene on Ellis Street which runs adjacent to the tracks with fictitious bus route.  More updates for downloads to follow. Buses and cars will be included.

Updates are slow, but work is being done. In order to get quicker rendering, the number of faces must be reduced.  This image is of Girard Street in Tottenville looking towards the tracks.  Originally this view which is is 25 meter section had 12000 faces. It now has only 2000 with better detail because the textures are image files rather than vectors. An automobile that once had 500 faces now has 25. A bus with 1200 faces now has 55. More textures have to be loaded, so I am not sure if there is a downside to that.


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