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Cortland St Station (1) After 9/11

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That station is around Cortlandt Street & Greenwich Street
But is closed regardless until further notice Until possibly the freedom tower or entire WTC opens


--- Quote from: Ztraintobroad on September 07, 2011, 02:45:06 pm ---Slants I didnt see your post but why are they gonna reopen the station until the tower is finshed? 9/11 Might happen again and then we will all be back from Square 1.
Besides the Station is finshed already except for the platforms there still broken a bit

--- End quote ---

The Platform is not finished, not even close, the walls on on the platform are basically in the outdoors. the station was literally under the WTC site. so the whole station is gone. even reports and workers say its not going to open until at least 2014. Right around where the 1 World Trade Center will be finished, and also, DO NOT think that it might happen again.

also look at this recent article

The station was Directly Under the World Trade and the twin towers with a entrance at Cortlandt Street & Greenwich Street So I agree with you and what you are saying

How are you saying that the station is completly destroyed? Take A look:
That one i do not understand

If the 9/11 Crushed Cortland St Is it like this video from knowing?
By the way that train can not be a r62


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