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A lot of users wanted to know or have custom image signatures like the one in my signature. So since I am only working on some small projects......what do you want? lol

I currently have available the following:




There are certain Graphic Developers on the site that are excellent, but if they dont want to be bothered, please dont. But feel free to bother me. lol

Orion V CNG #748:
The 6? if so ill have one  lol

Can i get the N please :) ;D

can you have the 4,5 and 6 at once?

you guys will receive a PM with links Friday morning or Saturday morning.

Also if you Graphic Developers who are interested make signatures and showing off your work for people to use post it here. I am going to make my work shown that instead of requesting you can pick out one unless its not there. Later on I will submit some avatars to ipac to see if it can be added for profile use.

Any questions just ask away. Thanks everyone.


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