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welcome to the site!
There's a few useful tutorials here you can check out, they're all pretty short and straight to the point:

To start the train... When engine is started/Pantograph is up.

* reverser to forward and back to Netural, [F,V] to switch on the cab...
* cancel AWS bell [insert]
* Reverser back to Forward[F]
* Switch of DRA if fitted [Space Bar] (DRA is a Driver Reminder for red signals ahead, it should be activated when you stop at a Red Signal as a reminder. It will prevent power from being applied until it has been deactivated again)
* Release Brakes [<] or [A if combined power handle]
* Take Power [Z]
If the doors are still open, on most trains (DMUs/EMUs especially) the Door/Brake interlock will be holding the brakes on, so wait for the doors to lock before releasing brakes and taking power...

When driving use Insert to cancel AWS warning alarms
And if the DVD sounds the bell use Delete to cancel this...

It's been over three calendar years since this was last updated. No need to necropost.



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