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Recently downloaded Hmmsimm2 app to my Amazon Fire Tablet. I also downloaded the M Train for Hmmsimm2 from BVE downlaod section when it was available. When I transfered file from PC to tablet the app does not see this file. I do not have this issue with Hmmsimm which is loaded on my Android tablet. All routes are contained in a folder labled Hmmsimm which the app recognizes. Tried the same setup on the Fire for Hmmsimm2 and the app  does not recognize the file. I think the problem may be where to send the data. There are several folders on the Fire where Hmmsimm2 resides. I am not sure where to send the file to so the app will recognize new routes. Looking for a little help. Thanks.


maybe you didn't do it right or convert it right?

For any of the routes to be played in Hmmsim2 for here, they need to be converted. The most of the routes in the download section are for BVE. you can view this link here to learn more about converting routes for hmmsim2. There is a route converted already here, but I don't know if it works.


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