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NYCT N train:
Hi there,
since the Q train extension recently opened from 57th St to 96th St-2 Av, I was wondering if anybody has any old routes with the Q southbound from 96th St. I see videos of the Q southbound from 96th to 57th, like real life, but I don't see any routes that start at 96th St. Any help would be appreciated!And the people who have posted videos say that it has been released in the past, and that they are old routes.

The route from 96th/2Av to Brighton Beach, which is the current version of the Q,  has not been coded yet due to the fact that is just opened lol. Any BVE route before was a fictional line and not realistic as it was made before the line opened. I don't know if any developers are coding from 96th/2Av to 57th/7th Av, but you could Pm one of the admins and ask if you want to code it instead  :P

I am sure MrRailfan or Dj Hammers will provide updates since they were originally working on the N and Q line.


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