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How do you guys post YouTube videos on this site?





I'm posting some pics of my own modifications:

I start with the S7/8 which runs on all the sub-surface lines of London underground ( S7 runs on the Circle, District and Hammersmith & City line all with 7 carriages and the S8 runs on the Metropolitan line with 8 carriages. I did some modifications based on the Class 350 and I did the best I can do to make it the most realistic.

The S7/8 Stock cab ( it's the 2009 stock cab but for now it's the most realistic available right now )

The S7/8 Stock front:

Other views of the S7/8 Stock:

The interior of the S7/8 Stock:

I did the 2009 Stock based on the 1992 Stock, the 2009 Stock runs on the Victoria line with 8 carriages and the 1992 runs on the Central line with 8 carriages.

The front of the 2009 Stock:

Other views with the interior of the 2009 Stock:

And finally I'll stop this thread with an another modifications with the Class 378 based on the Class 350 which runs on the Overground Network:

The Class 378 front:

Two units coupled:

Other views including the interior:

PS: Can anyone help me please because on the "S Stock" I want to modify the position of the doors and add a third pair.


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