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Other Games / OMSI Bus Simulator
« on: May 08, 2011, 04:31:26 pm »
I'm actually very surprised there has yet to be a topic on this, but OMSI Bus Simulator was released a couple of months ago and is definitely THE best bus simulator out at this point. The amount of detail that was put into the sim is overwhelming, from busy rush hour service, to the people complaining about the bus being too hot/cold/delayed, seeing the other buses along the route, weather, handling tickets, typing in the codes for the destination signs, interlining runs, skipping stops because the bus is too crowded, etc.. It's AWESOME! The only problem I have right now is that there is no New York OMSI community at all at the main OMSI forums (except for myself and EDawg). There was a thread asking for bus routes in OpenBVE but there's no need for that after you play OMSI and see the potential it has.

Main OMSI Website

Omsi Test Video

Lets Play Omsi - Der Bussimulator ~9~ [Deutsch/German]

New Tech Trains
(R142, R142A, R143, R179)

Downloads are now available in the Downloads section or at BVE Routes Wiki.

OpenBVE R142 [2012 Preview]
-Features (2), (4) & (5)

OpenBVE R142A [2012 Preview]
-Features (2), (4), (5), (6), & 11-car (7) train.

Metro Transit New Lots Line  [Version 4]

-Originally Highbridge 8 Line developed by Tjay1724!
-Modified by SIR North Shore.
-Complete with 13 different IRT routes to enjoy.
-Install to your OpenBVE directory & overwrite files if asked!
-If you haven't downloaded it already, the (D) line is required to run this route!
-If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post or leave a pm!


OpenBVE R143 [Version 9]
19 MB


OpenBVE R179 [Version 8]
36 MB

-Disclaimer: Have fun!
View the Readme for installation instructions & credits.


Other Projects / Official Thread for MT8 V2 (4 Train To New Lots)
« on: January 21, 2011, 03:42:27 pm »
MT8 Version 2 (4 To New Lots)

OpenBVE - (4) Train Late Night Local

I renamed the stations and swapped the pillars and walls from the H line. It's like an IRT version of the IND Fulton line running from Nevins Street to New Lots Ave. I don't know how to get more signs up on the wall because I only re-textured the signs. And it would also be cool to get the windscreens and wide gap between the tracks from the college point (7) line onto this line. If I get all the required permissions, I'll send it to the admins!

Other Projects / Official Update Thread For The OpenBVE R142A
« on: January 02, 2011, 07:58:45 pm »
OpenBVE R142A
by error46146 & (SIR) North Shore Line

OpenBVE - NYCT (4) Local Train (Utica Ave to New Lots Ave)

To install the OpenBVE R142A, simply extract the "Train" folder to your BVE directory.

If you would like to alter and/or add these sounds to an entirely new train panel, feel free! If you would like to add these sounds to another existing trainset, do so at your own discretion!

Download link to R142A OpenBVE 2011: (Updated 1/8/2011)

5.0 Update:
-Will be released when either a new R142A panel or exterior is created.

Rate up if you like!  8)

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