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And thus begins the Commuter F40PH expansion development. All I am doing is basically giving the locomotive a repaint into various commuter liveries and also repainting the coaches to match as well. I hope to have an NJT version done in the next 48 hours or so. Both will be released together later this week.
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: MBTA F40PH Screamer and Bombardier BTC1-B and CTC1-B

Other Projects / Amtrak ACS-64 for OpenBVE Development Underway
« on: August 23, 2013, 03:19:58 pm »
Beginning development on the ACS-64 for OpenBVE, slowly but surely. Going to be using the exterior for the Amtrak ALP-46 for the time being. First order of business is installing that new "3rd Generation" K5LA:
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak ALP-46 Accelerating 18 Car Amfleet Train from Station (3rd Gen K5LA)
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak ALP-46 With 18 Car Amfleet Train Making a Station Stop at Sittard
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak 3rd Generation K5LA on Amtrak ALP-46 (ACS-64 Development Start)

Although the ACS-64 for OpenBVE will not be available for some time, you can download the 3rd Generation K5LA pack separately here (also comes with Graham White E-Bell):
The Amtrak ALP-46 seen here can be downloaded here:
The route used here is the Networks West Midlands route:

You can now replace the existing horn sounds in whichever trains you wish with the new K5LA sounds here. Enjoy =)

Here's a teaser video from my Boston trip. Unfortunately I can't upload the rest of it until tomorrow since the hotel internet is slow and inconsistent. Here, at one of the only stops on the NEC where trains can accelerate out of the station at full throttle without low speed restrictions, we are afforded rare opportunities to catch Amtrak's trains showing off their full might and power. Train 173 NE Regional departs first with Toaster Rehab 904. The Acela, train 2163 is running 20 minutes late, and the engineer does a good job of indicating that he plans to make up that time. Just watch her fly out of the station. This is also one of the few spots that affords a decent opportunity to record traction motor sounds. Can't wait to come back in a few years and see how the ACS-64s perform coming out of this station.
Amtrak HD EXCLUSIVE: Route 128 Teaser Action; Pure Full Throttle Acceleration (AEM-7AC and Acela)

Raw Footage of Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Locomotives For The NEC Testing at Pueblo (125 MPH)
PUEBLO, Colo. – The new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotives are
now in a comprehensive and rigorous testing program, and are being put through the paces
before entering Northeast service this fall.
Today, Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman, Federal Railroad Administrator
Joseph Szabo and Siemens Rail Systems President Michael Cahill traveled to the U.S
Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Technology Center (TTC) facility in
Pueblo, Colo., to get an update on the testing program and to observe a testing demonstration.
“These locomotives are the new workhorses of the Amtrak fleet in the Northeast and they
must meet our performance-based specifications and reliability needs so we can keep the
region’s people and economy moving,” said Boardman.
Two locomotives are at the TTC facility to undergo a series of tests, including maximum
speed runs, acceleration and braking, operating with Amtrak passenger coach cars attached and
testing the overall performance capabilities of the locomotive. Engineers are also validating the
on-board computer system and software, as well as evaluate ride quality by using instruments to
measure things such as noise and wheel vibrations.
A variety of additional tests and validation exercises are being conducted as part of the
commissioning process to ensure the locomotive is operating and performing as designed and
that it is ready to provide reliable service for Amtrak passengers.
“Safety is our number one priority,” said Szabo. “Today’s testing regime demonstrates
the extraordinary safety standards FRA requires manufacturers and railroads to meet when
building passenger rail equipment. One in seven Americans lives along the Northeast Corridor
and as demand for passenger rail service continues to grow across the country, we will continue
to ensure that rail equipment is safe, reliable and efficient.”
In addition to the robust testing regime at TTC, a third locomotive will run field tests on
the Northeast and Keystone Corridors this summer and be used for training Amtrak locomotive
engineers and mechanical crews. A fourth locomotive will be tested in a climate-controlled
chamber to determine how well it performs in extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Hey guys. Here's yet another high speed train for you to play with:
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: Siemens Velaro ICE 3 Release Video (350 km/h on French LGV Line)
French LGV route to run this on:

Currently, we have developed the ICE 3 (403) and the CRH380BL, and I am going to be expanding the pack to include the Velaro E (AVE-103) and the Russian SASPAN. Enjoy =) and thank you for your patience.

After a long awaited developmental period, I am pleased to announce that we have made good progress on NJT equipment for OpenBVE:
OpenBVE HD EXCLUSIVE: NJT ALP 46 Commuter Train Exterior Development Underway
We hope to have a release date for the NJT pack by the end of summer.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to record this, so here it is for you to enjoy. The ride was really a blast, literally. As a side note, I am almost ready to release the final update for the ALP-46 and ALP-46A train pack. It will have the new ALP-46 exterior and updated sounds. Thanks for being patient.
New Jersey Transit HD EXCLUSIVE Riding Behind ALP-46 4604 from SEC Junction to New York Penn Station

Siemens Provides First Look at New Amtrak ACS-64 Cities Sprinter Locomotives For Northeast Corridor
A new era of more reliable and energy efficient Amtrak service for Northeast intercity rail passengers is coming down the tracks as the first of 70 advanced technology electric locomotives being built by Siemens begin rolling off the assembly line today. The first units of the $466 million order will be field tested this summer for entry into revenue service in the fall.

"The new Amtrak locomotives will help power the economic future of the Northeast region, provide more reliable and efficient service for passengers and support the rebirth of rail manufacturing in America," said Amtrak President and CEO Joseph Boardman. "Built on the West Coast for service in the Northeast with suppliers from many states, businesses and workers from across the country are helping to modernize the locomotive fleet of America's Railroad."

Using Siemens' innovative and proven rail technology, the Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) locomotives are being assembled in Siemens' Sacramento, Calif., rail manufacturing plant powered by renewable energy, with parts built from its plants in Norwood, Ohio, Alpharetta, Ga., and Richland, Miss., and nearly 70 suppliers, representing more than 60 cities and 23 states.

The new locomotives will operate on Northeast Regional trains at speeds up to 125 mph on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) along the Washington – New York – Boston route and on Keystone Service trains at speeds up to 110 mph on the Keystone Corridor from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, Pa. In addition, all long-distance trains operating on the NEC will be powered by the new locomotives.

"More and more Americans are parking their cars and choosing the comfort and convenience of trains, metros and streetcars as their preferred way of traveling. We're proud of the innovations we've brought to passengers and commuters to expand their transportation options" said Michael Cahill, president of Siemens Rail Systems division in the U.S. "From downtown streetcar systems to regional, passenger rail lines, Siemens' transportation solutions like the next-generation Amtrak locomotives enhance safety, boost efficiency and performance, and are built in America leveraging Siemens' U.S. manufacturing hubs and supply chain."

The new locomotives are designed for easier maintenance, will improve energy efficiency by using a regenerative braking system that will feed energy back into the power grid and will enhance mobility for the people, businesses and economy of the entire Northeast region. They also meet the latest federal rail safety regulations.

"We are committed to connecting people, communities and jobs. This project does all three," said Karen Hedlund, Deputy Federal Railroad Administrator. "Investing in manufacturing these 70 new locomotives are creating and preserving jobs in 60 cities across the country while meeting the growing demand for improved reliability and service along the Northeast and Keystone Corridors."

The first three locomotives will undergo a comprehensive testing program this summer, including two at a U.S. Department of Transportation facility in Pueblo, Colo., and one on the NEC. Once they are commissioned, production of the remaining units will ramp up for monthly delivery through 2016.

The new locomotives are part of a comprehensive Amtrak Fleet Strategy Plan to modernize and expand its equipment. The new units will replace electric locomotives that have between 25 and 35 years of service and average mileage of more than 3.5 million miles traveled with some approaching 4.5 million miles.

Train Editor also works.
Whenever I click the icon to run the program, it just doesn't open. Is there something I'm missing.
And yes, I am trying to run it as an administrator.

Catching me off guard this week was the release of the BETA version of the superliner. So of course, I just had to play around with the car and generate some downloadable trainsets:
OpenBVE EXCLUSIVE: Amtrak Superliner California Car Released (P42DC + 6 Superliners)
OpenBVE EXCLUSIVE Amtrak Superliner California Car Released (F40PH-2 + 6 Superliners)
Individual car download:
Trainsets download (includes F40PH-2 and P42DC hauled 6 Car Trains):
Enjoy =) And I will also keep you guys updated on any updates on this car.

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