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Hi all

I have just changed computer, it was an updated version of the one I had before and for some reason I cannot use openBVE. I was using OS X Yosemite on my old computer and I have changed to OS X El Capitan with my computer specs a lot higher than they were before and now whenever I try to open openBVe, an error meeasge comes up saying: "openBVE quit unexpectedly" I don't understand what is going wrong with it but even if I use the latest version of openBVE it doesn't work. Please help

Thank you

I don't use Macs, and don't know much about them, but you can update to the latest version ( and see if you still have the issue. Also, you can head over to the Discussion page for OpenBVE and ask about your issue there. It would also be helpful to state the version number of OpenBVE to help others to know if they have the same issue as you.


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