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(FIXED) N Garbage Train AI derailment

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Ok, I'm experiencing a weird glitch on the N line with the garbage train scenario: everytime the AI Train in front of me derails on the curve before arriving at the Queensboro Plaza Station. I reinstalled the route but still nothing. Is there any way to just remove that AI train the hell out of this route???

Train man:
I had the same issue. A solution would be to turn off derailments in the options before starting the route.

I thought about that,  but damn I don't want to turn on and off the derailment everytime, but thank you.

Change the run interval in the route file. In the first few lines of the route file a line like this should appear:

route.runinterval 600

600 is minutes in seconds, so that train is 10 minutes ahead of you. Try changing it to zero or some obscenely large number to eliminate the AI train completely.


I set it to 0 but the train glitched inside of my train. I just removed the runinterval command and now no AI trains on the route. Thank you for the help!


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