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A to Far Rockaway


I have the current OpenBVE version and every time I tried to load up the route and the train it would just load back to the main screen. And the route would just crash I don't know what to do so I can run this route and I try to use the R160B Alstom for this route and it doesn't work so I'm tryna figure out what's wrong please help?

There's nothing I can help with, but I had the same issue on the newer versions of OpenBVE. From the version to the 1.5.497.1339-travis version, nothing worked that good, the v1.5.1.0 was the worst: white textures, lags, blinking textures, back to the menu crash at 50% loading with "out of memory" error messages; then the v1.5.1.2 was better, no lags but still, white screen with only the locked doors indicator and speedometer showing up as I loaded the R40S on the F line, (same thing on the with the R46),game crashing at 50% on some routes depending on the train you chose... And finally the v1.5.497.1339-travis, still nothing, the cab wasn't even showing up, just the brake levers and the speedometer and then the tracks.
That's why I'm sticking to the v1.4.3.0 which works just perfectly.

I've had the same issue but if you download the recent 1.5.509.683-travis, it should be playable.

Where do I find that version?


Download the latest one


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