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How to put the BVE version's camera options in the version?


Hello! Just by the way: if any admin is reading this, can you send me a private message regarding my other topic? Having trouble, thank you.

Ok, so it's not a big problem but I want to find out how to put the camera options from the version of OpenBVE in the one.
What I mean by the the camera options, is that you can switch cars in the exterior view, because sometimes I love riding the subway as a passenger in OpenBVE.
In the version, when I press num1 or num7 while in exterior view, I can put the exterior camera on any car, and focus the camera on the car or the front truck, meaning that you can see the car sway or no, which was cool!
In the version, I can only ride the first car and when I press num1 or num7 it just puts me on the next or the previous point of interest of the route. Also some trains like the R27 Olive and R30 S&B and the R32 Pre GOH have their exterior camera based on the front truck, so I can only ride them seeing the car sway, which is annoying.

But you might ask: Why just not use the version?

I could, but the problem is that NYCTA doesn't work proprely with this version, probably because I didn't got all the dependencies, but I had all the required ones, but still didn't work correctly, a lot of errors, white textures, lags!! So I had enough and found the version with all dependencies and NYCTA worked perfectly!!! No problems and errors! But I liked how you could go in other cars just by pressing Num1, and the older version didn't have this so I got quite disapointed. I know it's pointless but I just want to ride the TOMC on the 6 line and switch between cars. So I tried replacing controls.cfg, keyboard assignements but still nothing: when I was pressing num1 it just putting me on the next point of interest of the route.

Any help would be appreciated!
Have a great day!

Sir BadriveR142A
I do think you may wish to speak with sir Chris Lees (Leezer3)
who is the author and does write the new latest program of openBVE
at this forum

Good day and night for you

I will message him, thank you!
Have a good night!


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