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It looks like you put alot of hard work into this Nyctrman, i like how this is coming along, if you need help i am free to contact also while i was looking at the doors i noticed that the rims and door window look bigger than usual? Im not sure if its just me, but take your time on this project and also when your done you can talk to SIR To have this retro fitted to the R143 Siemens . But very good looking train its solid and complete and a new step gained for openbve users having high end computer but no high end trains, Power to the People!
just as i said before its still a work in progress....
and no thanks on that R143 siemens idea

You know since that is in fact a siemens cart on the R160 I just wonder if there will be a release of the new R160B siemens propulsion coming soon ..
if you can supply then yeah or anyone because these siemens needs to be SMSed lol

now here are the latest screenshot of the R160 with brand new side textures looks more better and HD set it up as NIS because i didnt know what line to have it as


here is a side project fix up of the PA4 work car starting with the front texture fix and the flat cars and right configure of how PATH really has it
with the help of chris

Its still impolite to ask for a project sooner than the developers wanted release date, if you were developing your own thing you wouldnt liked to be rushed before you want to release it do you? You want it to be perfect for everybody, you could get banned for asking, be happy nyctrman is taking his time developing this for you and the bvestation community and where do you go to school? because apparently they dont teach proper english.
thank you i couldn't say it any better and luckydude it's annoying and yet you keep asking and asking and asking thats why people stop and private work because people annoy them and the fact you and your 1st grade level of phonics I'm shocked on how you're 18 with the mindset of a 5 year old but anyways back to main topic here i'm going to upload some pics later on to answer a few questions pito its all gonna be added and thats old shots also yes the find works but needs to be fixed

Nyctrman, i like your 160's but you see that blue line next to the drivers window? and are the finds animated? also like the r32 has pantographs would the r160 have those cords attaching each car (i forgot the name) but those are just questions which you dont need to answer but i appricate you looking at them!
thats why i said "its still a work in progress" as in i know and its being worked on and as for lucky dude i could just cancel this project and keep the train for myself I'm not obligated to release things "these day"

dammmmmm son when will this be out
Don't worry about it...

Easy now ^ anyways nice job on the R160 nyctrman.
Thanks bro gonna be working on it today

here are yesterday pics most recent photos
dont worry it wont be using those LEDs the ones i posted in the previous comments are the ones we're going to use the C local was the example

well been inactive due to no PC but I'm back and ready to show what myself and Chris have been working still a work in progress also are old photos

Other Games / Re: Post Your OMSI Screenshots/Videos Here!
« on: April 10, 2013, 07:25:56 am »
Here is what's updated on my Novabus rts project so far I finished skin and added route number and NJ seal


BVE/OpenBVE Support / Re: Will OpenBVE make my PC Bluescreen?
« on: April 03, 2013, 01:01:48 am »
I mean mine blue screens but its because of motherboard but I can run it before it Blue screens on me

Other Games / Re: Post Your OMSI Screenshots/Videos Here!
« on: April 02, 2013, 01:25:34 am »

Other Games / Re: Post Your OMSI Screenshots/Videos Here!
« on: April 02, 2013, 01:24:40 am »
My project myself and 2 others are working on

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