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update work for now on the 127 face

so far so good on the SMS exterior wise

i'll just leave these here

still being worked on

being SMSed

2 new shots on the R143

template for now

so i began work on the R143 there will be 3 versions the R143 from 2001-2006 face the 2006-present face with the dimples similar to the R160s face and finally the R143 Siemens set here are photos of the 2001 model on what's so far done enjoy

haven't been posting much but here are updated photos of the R160 on what was done so far this is one of the R160s the 8 car version testing it on the C line

For the R68/R68a
to add on what ct1660 said the photos was the before interior work to the train i was testing out the front of the cars to see how the SMS would of looked and so far so good on it

well here is the good news the R160 and now R143 is currently on a SMS as of now in openbve there will be a R160A R160B Siemens R160B Alston and the special R160B Siemens and Alston Mix set as well as a R143 and the R143 with Siemens here is something i added to the front a better USA flag and MTA logo video i'll do soon sounds are being more HD and more Realistic and less excessive photoshopping to make it look like the real deal enjoy the photo lol

was bored to i put the 68 in the yard and gave a SMS test on how it would look lol

enjoy lol


new textures enjoy in the face only lol

R62A 6

and R142a 6 WIP with TheExpress

fixed up the yellow version face looks better lol

enjoy lol

well did a small work on the PA 4 work car added the blue scheme as well as update the lights on the yellow version here is a photo of the real blue version

now here is the openbve version

gotta love the work JayJay put in the 6 line here is city hall loop and a WIP 142a to be converted to a 188 yes this one has trucks

also a bonus pic


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