Author Topic: Coding to change tracks in Open BVE  (Read 3112 times)

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Coding to change tracks in Open BVE
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:34:28 pm »
I know that this topic must have been brought up before, but I have searched the forums and cannot fine a complete answer to my problem.  So, I am trying to code a route and I want to switch tracks from the players track (Track 0) on the right hand side (Local track) to the track immediately to the left (the express track).  Now, I know that this is a turn of Track 0 to the left, but my tracks never line up.  I want the track that I come off of to continue on, so I tried several of the available "Lock" switches but they do not seem to work well with the "Turn or Curve" commands.  I have tracks going in every direction.  I also looked at other routes, like the 6 and D trains, but I can't make sense of the coding.  So, could someone that is knowledgeable in Open BVE coding, please explain to me how I can go about moving my train from the local to the express track.  I know that there a plenty of members who have the skill to do this because I have gotten some good help in the past with other issues.  Thanks for any help that you can provide.