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thats after the t/o clears the timer.

is r62/R62A are changes be Rollsign

Seriously, man....are you dyslexic, or something? You can't possibly sit at your computer and formulate a sentence in that manner, there's no way. But lemme translate it (since I happen to be fluent in this language, unfortunately).

"Is the R62/R62A going to have changeable rollsigns?" Yes, it will.

Please, try to step up your grammar, because I can't keep translating this stuff.


Not everyone is perfect. There is no need to sit there and say he's dyslexic. No one said you had to translate it, you understood it so just answer the question like you did.

General BVE/OpenBVE / Re: Something that has been bothering me
« on: March 14, 2011, 03:57:20 pm »
If a person was skilled enough, couldn't he just create the whole thing from scratch?  Just saying because I don't see that logical at all.  It's like if I worked for a furniture store, I can't make a certain table because the original blueprints are kept by him; but I'm skilled enough to make my own table and it'll look exactly like it.  I can't really explain it.

Otherwise yes, if you think your up for the challenge, then you most certainly can.  I am doing that with the LIRR Atlantic Avenue Route that I'm building.  If Joe magically has a skeleton, that would be great, but what I'm doing isn't based on anything other than the resources I have.

Fictional Routes yes they are a bother, especially in this age.  While it certainly fills in the "audition" role, today there are just WAY too many.  Fictional routes used to serve more than just the audition purpose.  It was used to showcase new technology which we can implement into our non-fictional routes.  This is where our research and development team came up.  Ray's Riverbank Park Shuttle was supposed to demonstrate timers, with the hope that it will one day be implemented in our real routes.  My Second Avenue Route was just a graphical demonstration, which I later fully implemented into the G.

Unfortunately today, fictional routes dont really serve much of a purpose anymore, since most of the skeletons are taken and are supposedly being worked on.  Nothing new or original has came up from new fictionals, other than filling in the author's imaginations of a route to this place.  Especially with the current fictionals being worked on, what purpose do they serve?  Eye Candy, and thats about it.  Eye candy was invented when I brought on the new onslaught of routes when I released the G.  Not as to say we should stop there, but Eye Candy isn't anything new anymore.  There are still alot of things we haven't tapped into, and thats what our fictional routes should be for, especially for the current developers.

For new developers, I encourage you guys to do something that wasn't done before.  We have a million "NYCT" (yes in quotes) fictional routes already, its a shame that we may have more released (here or not).  I encourage you guys to think up of something new, and use completely new objects in making whatever you plan to make.  By creating an example is how we improve our non-fictional routes.

You may ask why dont we just do it on the non-fictional itself, well we do that too, objects like the Coney Island Station (textures by me) and my new tunnel walls were built for those purposes and then modified by others for improvement.  But there are some things that do require a test on an actual route.  Things like timers on ray's shuttle is an example of that.

It seems anybody can make a route these days, it wasn't like how it used to be in the past.  And its quite true.  But not everybody has something new and interesting they can make.

Very well said! I used to be on BVE heavy back in the NYCTBA Days and it didnt seem that bad then. But now it just seems like everyone is making a fictional route. Then It seems like everyone is creating a BMT/IND like route. The IRT basically is non-existent in the NYCT-BVE world. IMO the time its taking to create all of these fictional routes, I bet alot of these real routes could get done. Dont get me wrong, I understand people have lives, but then it seems like everyones computer crashes. Whatever happened to backing up data, which seems like people forget how to do when it comes to these NYCT-BVE routes.

The only IRT routes we have is the 2, 7, Times Sq-GC Shuttle and some fictional ones. And even with the trains, to be honest some of them are total crap. And I really dont blame people to editing there own for personal use. I've created my own R142 from nothing, I've also have perfect sounds for the R32, R42, R44 all recorded from the actual trains. The best train I seen come out so far is the R38. Dont thnk im bashing anyones work, because im not, so dont take it the wrong. Its just sad some people are rushing there work and then its total crap. I have tons and tons of videos from the IRT routes I recorded from a R142s cabs ect.

The other problem is, some people get there routes and they just disappear into thin water and you never hear of the project again. Joe does a great job, he's been doing a great job since the NYCTBA days and I commend him for his outstanding work. IPAC, Jay-Jay for there amazing routes also. And BStyles for the 4.

The Manhattan Bound (6) i had in my hands since the orginal guy TDevin  gave up on it. He sent it to me, and he moved on with his life. I've converted a express run out of that and finished it the entire route. And no I will not release it or send it to anyone. The skeleton was made by Joe. I still check back here from time to time to see whats going on. NYCT-BVE has came a long way from where it was and hopefully it keeps on going and hopefully we see an IRT route.

Once again people, im not bashing in no shape or form, so just take my statements like a mature person.

NYCTA Projects / Re: [OpenBVE] Official Thread for SIR North Shore's R142
« on: February 28, 2011, 07:48:04 pm »
However, I must point out that the deceleration sound is nothing like the R142A until it gets down to about 15mph. The constant acceleration sound you hear on the R142A as it's moving along is the same sound you hear when it is decelerating.

Its been stated before that its hard to get a NTTs train sound down to the t.

BVEStation Network News / Re: Full F from Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue
« on: February 21, 2011, 07:33:59 pm »
Nice Work!

NYCTA Projects / Re: [OpenBVE] Official Thread for SIR North Shore's R142
« on: February 16, 2011, 06:49:04 pm »
I know, that's why I asked!  8) I was going to reskin it to the 5 train but there is no 5 train coming out anytime soon.

@R40R32, thanks!
Also for 1101 you have that labeled as 2 train when thats a (4) train set.
Umm...may I request 7180 (4) train set plz(change in cab number)
Also basically when the (4) gets done we'll have a (5) train G.O it can be from Crown Hts terminating at 149th Exp track.Also we have a (5) via the 7th Av Line to 42nd St already just need manual and or automated announcements.

I have (5) via 7th Av announcements from Times Sq to 149th Street, the rest of the manhattan stops can be cut/paste from the (2). I recorded in the Unionport Yard with my cousin(T/O) a few years ago, the rest. I would just have to cut/paste for the Brooklyn Stops. I also Have all (5) sounds from Flatbush Av to Eastchester-Dyre and from Eastchester-Dyre to Utica Av And to Bowling Green(To/From) and (5) Shuttle Sounds both ways. Also have Grand Central bound 5 Sounds and the (5) to 149th Street(Upper Level) Sounds.

NYCTA Projects / Re: R40 Slant Panel Official Thread!
« on: February 15, 2011, 10:43:04 pm »
Audacity is a great program.

Transit / Re: R160B (A)
« on: February 13, 2011, 02:09:10 pm »
that  had to be the test set from 2006 in the spring and it had its ratings and such.

It was from 2006. One set was a R160B and the other was a R160A-2.

NYCTA Projects / Re: 7 Update
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:00:39 pm »
From that shot it looks like its between 33rd Street & Queensboro Plaza...though I could be wrong.

Wow Nice Work!!

NYCTA Projects / Re: Official Thread for nycta Queensbound F
« on: January 26, 2011, 04:52:46 pm »
Nice Work!

Other Projects / Re: R30 OpenBVE [Official Thread] + Preview
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:26:02 pm »
@553 You know what we want for the int.??We wanna hear the Fans and hear A really loud brake screach......Good to see ya 553

The good ol' fans lol. Nothing beats the hissing brakes of a R32. Good to see ya 2 jabroni l0l.

Nice Work!

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