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General BVE/OpenBVE / Pc controller
« on: February 16, 2012, 07:02:58 pm »
I was wondering if anyone knows of any usb controllers that can be used with open bve.i saw the raildriver controller on the web.but i dont like it,that controller is for diesels and it wouldnt be realistic for a subway train,does anyone run any type of controllers that have the smee brake handles like the R32 or any type like that,could someone lead me to a website that has that type of stuff or does it even exist. OpenBVE is the best by far over anything i ever played. I cant keep away from the computer,any chance i get im at the brings me back to NY and as a kid wanting to be a subway operator. Me and my son enjoy the game,i hooked up a bunch of speakers to the computer to give me stereo sound,if i get a controller like that,i think i would quit my job and stay home and grow a beard and sit in front of the game all day,but then again i wouldnt have money to keep the electric on so the computer would be dead.   Thanks alot for the great game and keep up the good work. Brad G

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