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Hello! I think some of you already know me with my 1970s NYCTA routes project! Anyways, I decided to start working on the L line and make a decent detailed route with smooth curves, switches and walls of course; as no official W.I.P. route has been announced yet. This version will include 2010s, 1990s-2000s, 1980s & 1970s LL line. So I'm gonna try my best to work on it as fast as possible even though I'm working on the 1970s 8th Avenue line along, and have school. I have a lot of work here so don't be surprised if this project will go slow.

Since I started not a long time ago I'm only at Rockaway Parkway, and it's already big work here because of the yard and the building at the end of the platform I need to make. Anyways, here is my work so far:

As you can see, nothing really special here, hopefully we will see more progress soon! But I just wanted to let you know that a L route is being worked on!

Thank you!

Link to my 1970s NYCTA Routes project:

Lookin Nice bro Lol you know me not here but on Discord...Matthew Liao lol


--- Quote from: MtaR160 on November 14, 2017, 07:24:34 am ---Lookin Nice bro Lol you know me not here but on Discord...Matthew Liao lol

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Oh okay! :)

Great Start! Keep it going

Unexpected update on the L:
Since I created myself a new development schedule, I decided to work hard on the L every weekends to have bigger progress,
so here's the progress so far on Rockaway Parkway, nothing visually big yet but it still was a lot of work (pics at the end of post):
-new yard, second part not finished yet,
-new tracks (will be different depending on where the route will take place)
-new X switch (same as the tracks, there was a lot of switching configurations back in the days, so there will be other switches in the 1970s and 1990s versions)
The land, buildings, bushes, fences around Rockaway Parkway and E 105th Street will be all in one or 2 objects, just to have less files. It will be like a huge puzzle basically. Old buildings and dikes will be removed soon.
This is the 2000s version, I wanted to work on the 1990s version first but due to the modern version being simpler I'm working on the 2000s
The Canarsie pack will include:
-1971 LL
-1979 LL
-1985 L
-1990s L
-2000s L (SMEE/NTT)
-2010s L (CBTC)


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