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(WIP) Official Development Thread for the A from Lefferts to 207th

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Hello to everyone.

I have been in the BVEStation community for a little over a year now, and watching other members start projects and complete them looking amazing, and I plan on coding the A from Lefferts to 207th as my contribution for the hard work that other members have put in to create the routes and trains that everyone is allowed to use.
I have sent a PM to Phantom909 and asked for his permission. If he says yes, my project will be started and screenshots will posted soon.

EDIT 1/6/2017: I have decided to create a guideline for how this route is being developed, which is available here. Within the word document is my ESTIMATED release dates and scenarios for the A/C lines to 207th/168th. It is ALOT of work to be done, and I think this will help with any questions about the A/C development, and help keep people interested as I make my way up to 207th by releasing it in sections. The document will be updated as necessary with work that needs to be done, and so will this thread.

Good luck bro, this sounds really cool.

Mr Railfan:
If i recall, it's already in development.

I wouldn't make sense to create the A to straight to 207th without creating one to Euclid! So I have decided to create an A to Euclid then the A to 207th. I will be using objects from the LisaRaye2 and the Lefferts Blvd-bound A folders. Here are screenshots of each station:

Lefferts Blvd:

111th street:

104th Street:

Rockaway Blvd:

88th Street:

80th Street:

Grant Avenue:

and finally, Euclid Avenue:

The route is about 75% complete. More screenshots coming soon!



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