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(v2.4) (RELEASED) R-16 Update Thread

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nice work

v2.1 update is here!

* New dynamic headlight/taillight system
* Added Motorman & Conductor models
* Motorman's Position/Headlight/Taillights determined by whether train is on forward or reverse
* Conductor's position determined by which side the doors open (If both doors open, conductor will be on the LEFT side)
* Updated floor for redbird variant
* Added missing signs on Silver & Blue, Redbird variant.
* Added OPTO version of the 4-car Silver & Blue R-16 & Redbird R-16 (Manual Doors)
* Non-OPTO version has automatically operated doors
* Added 1985 sign set version of the silver & blue R-16

Nicely done! Amazing work!


That is all for now.

* Not being able to reverse rollsign direction is now a thing of the past! Press 2 to toggle rollsign direction
* Red signals equipped with trip beacons can now be "keyed" by pressing the space bar
* Interior lighting can now be toggled on/off like it did in v1.0.x via the Delete key
* Bulkhead signs can now be toggled on/off like it did in v1.0.x via the Insert key
* Side rollsign lamps can be toggled on/off via the Home key (Northbound) and the End key (southbound)

* Added a help panel (scroll to the far right) listing the train's custom controls
* Moved third rail gap & automatic train stop engaged indicators to the help panel
* Added an indicator when a trip beacon-equipped signal has NOT been keyed

Downloads are up!


Silver & Blue:



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