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For tutorials, how-to's, and guides.  Please visit the Developer link found on the homepage, or visit the Developer Zone.  This section is perfect for beginners just getting exposed to BVE development.

For general reference, extended guides and tutorials, please visit the BVEStation Wiki.  This section is perfect for users who have learned the basics and want to further their knowledge in development.

If anyone has anymore resources please feel free to post them here.  If you have questions regarding any sort of coding/development issue please use this section of the forum to ask it.

Thank you ipac for that useful information. Hopefully I can contribute to the growing success of BVE.

I have found a website that offers creators tools for BVE 5 ( if you could can you please look at this, this might be helpful in BVE 5 NYCT route creations!

I have found some links to software for BVE 5 route creation as well as cab creation! Please chack this out!

Thanks for the links Fumxe, but i could use a little help translating them.


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