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The New York City Fictional Transit Authority presents the next route planning for customers daily commute.

Dagard Rapid Transit Authority unleashes a plan of train service running from Bell Harbor-125 Street to Riverdale Park & Yankees Stadium.
The line runs via Cross Bay Blvd & 9 Avenue.

(H) : Cross Bay Blvd Express / 9 Avenue Express

- to Riverdale Park or Javits Center(rush hours)
Late nights to Riverdale Park or Yankee Stadium.

(I) : Cross Bay Blvd Local / 9 Avenue Local

- to Riverdale Park all times.

(J) : Cross Bay Blvd Express / 9 Avenue Express

- to Javits Center all times.

(K) : Cross Bay Blvd Local / 1 Avenue Local

- to Yankee Stadium via 1 Avenue Local. Late nights take the (H). The (K) runs with HayleyWilliamsFan (W) line.

Here is a map including the (W) line:
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