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Good to see these finally on the road. They were enroute to 207 St yard, probably for maintenance. 


and another angle:


BVEStation Network News / The R142a Beta (V1.2) has been Released
« on: April 22, 2015, 10:53:52 pm »
The R142a for Openbve has been released!

Please note that the exterior is just a placeholder while the HQ 3d one is completed.

This package has a completely animated Cab and has 11, 10 and 5 car consists.

Click Here to Download:


Ladies and Gentlemen, after a very long wait, we present to you the first Beta release of the 6 line.

This line runs from Pelham Bay park in the Bronx to Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan.

Included in the download are 3 scenarios with their Smee/NTT counterparts:

Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Local
Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Express
Parkchester to Brooklyn Bridge via Pelham Local

Be aware of Timers , Wheel Detectors and Gap Filler signals along the route. For more info on signaling visit here:

A scenario pack will be released next week!

Also please note that this is a High quality route and will not run on a low end computer. Also, this route is a BETA and is not 100% completed.

Please click here to download:

BVEStation Network News / The R40 Slant has been released!
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:46:22 pm »
After a very long wait, the R40 Slant has been released! This download consists of the 1989 - 2009 slant model with variations of 10 , 8, 6 and 2 car consists. There will be another release very soon with the R40 Modified and an updated R42, so stay tuned and hope you guys enjoy! Please note that this train requires a mid to high end computer to run it.

Please click the link below to download:


Please note that this train requires a mid to high end computer to run it.

Mudwrestle, DJ Hammers and Myself are happy to announce that the R32 / R52 Locomotive / R127 / R134 Work trains has been released!

Please note that the train and consists are graphic intensive and may lag on lower end systems. Also note that the package is compressed to 77 mb , but uncompressed the package will be 1.46 GB with all variations of trains.

Download Page

After a lot of work, the R127 cab is 99% finished and fully animated. The cab is very similar to the R62/a for which the cab is also nearly completed, so expect news on that soon. The exterior is being worked on by Mudwrestle and DJ Hammers.

Here is a Preview:

I finally got a chance to resume work on the R1 for Openbve. The cab is 95% done and will be featured at the NYC Transit Museum this saturday (from 2 to 4pm) along with the New Q line.

Here are some preview shots:

Photography / R32's on the L line - Photo's and Videos + R143 Bonus
« on: August 22, 2013, 12:03:05 am »
In an Extremely luck catch, DJ Hammers and I caught an R32 Yard move from East New York Yard to Canarsie yard that resulted in two train sets of 32s being moved down the Canarsie Line. Here is the coverage of the Moves. Check out DJ Hammers Post for an Alternate look at the action.
R32 Peeking out of Canarsie Yard

R32 At Canarsie Yard with a R160

R143 L Train on it's way to Canarsie - Rockaway Parkway

Fresh out of the Yard wash, Passing E105 St

R143 and R32 Meet at Atlantic Avenue

R32 going down the Ramp, back into East New York yard


R32 Z train Passing E105 Street
[HD] R32 Z via the L line Passes East 105th Street - 2013
R32 J Train Passing Atlantic Avenue and meeting with a R143 L train.
[HD] R32 J via the L line meets an R143 L train at Atlantic Avenue -2013
As always, thanks for watching and please subscribe to my youtube for more!

Photography / Q train via 2nd Avenue line announcement vids
« on: May 18, 2013, 12:30:31 pm »
I posted some Announcement videos of the Q train running via the purposed 2nd avenue line and thought i would share:

R160 - Q to 72 st - 2nd Avenue announcements [via 2nd ave line]

R160 Q Train via 2 Avenue line + via 6 Av announcements (96 St-2Av to Dekalb)

Don't forget to subscribe as i got plenty more videos coming up.

Also a big thanks to Imanuel for the Q to 72 st announcement.

Photography / A few Photos i took at Marcy Avenue + Bonus shot
« on: March 30, 2013, 02:32:33 pm »

+ bonus shot at west 8 street:

NOTE: All further updates will be posted in the NYCTA Southern Division Thread: LINK

Hello everyone, i apologize for my absence from the forum but as some of you may know i got into a car accident on new years day and have been hospitalized for the past two weeks and was released this morning. 

Now moving onto more important matters, i plan on releasing the (B) (D) and (N) lines sometime this weekend.

The updated (B) line will most likely be released this Saturday night and will feature some scenarios and some other goodies packaged in.

The (D) line will be released Sunday night and will run to Bay 50 Street from 205 Street, but will feature various other scenarios included such as short turn and updated signals.

 Finally, The Southbound (N) Line will be released Monday evening, and will feature the (N) line from Astoria to Bay 50 Street (Via the West  End - D line) along with some other scenarios, such as the (N) to 59 Street. Thank you for being patient and Happy New Years! I will post in this thread once a line has been released.

Photography / A ride on the Holiday train [11/25/12]
« on: November 25, 2012, 11:08:17 pm »
Good Evening everyone. I know not everyone was able to go out and enjoy the R1-R9 holiday train, so i would like to provide you with some shot's from today's run. Hope you guys enjoy.

Plus a few bonus shots

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