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One more, folks:
Youre forgetting the background propulsion sound.

The R160 is still WIP  8)
What does WIP mean?

The R142A is more difficult to work with simply because of the structure of the sounds that need to be combined. To be honest, I thought that the sounds that came with SIR's NTT trains were pretty decent.
Right and another thing, you know that background sound the R160 uses? Implement that to the R142. See how that comes out.

That's how its supposed to sound but can you perfect the R142a motor sound Fan Railer?

NYCTA Projects / Re: (WIP) Official Update Thread for the R44
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:48:57 pm »
Is this R44 going to be frame rate friendly?, because the R46 is not frame rate friendly at all.

Does any1 know when the fully detailed R68 and R160s are gonna pop up on the downloads page?

Is the Q line still Brighton Express?

For the R68/R68a

Cool Photos. One question, will you be able to make cutouts for the doors to open or thats Mr.Railfans's job?

Now that's pure art

NYCTA Projects / Re: Status of Routes as of September 2011
« on: October 24, 2011, 05:54:29 am »
For those who wants to beta test the north and south bound versions of the (6) must attend the Halloween event.

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